1. The editorial board of the “Bulletin of Armavir State Pedagogical University” magazine carries out peer review of all received materials which correspond to the group of scientific field 07.00.00 - Historical Sciences and Archeology, 09.00.00 - Philosophical Sciences, 10.00.00 - Philological Sciences, 13.00.00 - Pedagogical Sciences in order to assess them expertly.

2. The editorial board accepts scientific articles, scientific reviews, scientific surveys (hereinafter - manuscripts).

3. All the manuscripts that correspond to the subject matter of the magazine are directed to the anonymous (“blind”) review. The following specialists are appointed to carry out peer reviews: the members of the editorial board and external experts who have candidate or doctorate degree (or degrees granted abroad), experts who made great contribution to the development of a corresponding field of knowledge; renowned specialists in the subject matter of reviewed materials and those who have articles on the theme of reviewed manuscripts published within 3 recent years.

4. The author or coauthor of reviewed paper cannot be its reviewer.

5. In case of conflict of interest a reviewer warns the editorial board and refuses to review.

6. A reviewer assesses the correspondence to the passport of the scientific specialty, the correspondence between the title of a manuscript and its content (abstract and key words included), the relevance of the theme, the scientific novelty, the scientific and practical significance, the logic and sequence of relating material, the scientific style, the terminology, the correspondence between references and the theme of a paper.

7. Manuscripts accepted to be published are subjected to scientific and literary editing on a compulsory basis.

8. Reviews are presented in a printed form and are signed by the reviewer.

9. Reviews on received manuscripts are sent to the authors via email.

10. The editorial board of the “Bulletin of Armavir State Pedagogical University” magazine sends copies of reviews or motivated refusal to authors of materials within 15 days from the moment of receiving manuscripts.

11. After the editorial board makes a decision on the admission of an article for publishing the executive secretary informs authors and indicates the date of publication.

12. Reviews are kept in the editorial board of the “Bulletin of Armavir State Pedagogical University” magazine during 5 years.

13. The author has the right to appeal against the editorial board’s decision in case of the rejection of the article or the necessity to make revisions in accordance with the reviewer’s advice. In such cases the author can challenge the decision with reasonable argument addressing the Editor-in-Chief. The Editor-in-Chief should be able to justify the prompt response and ensure to take the complaint further. At the concerned Editor’s discretion, the article will be forwarded to additional reviewers or the author will be informed about the correctness of the reviewers’ critical comments and the necessity to make corresponding revisions.

The article is rejected without the right to resubmission in case of proved plagiarism or fabrication results.