For authors

Dear colleagues!

We inform you that the third issue of the journal “The Bulletin of Armavir State Pedagogical University” is being prepared for release. The editorial board accepts previously unpublished scientific articles, scientific reviews, scientific reviews, reviews. Periodicity: published 4 issues per year. The journal is included into Scientific Electronic Library (

The electronic version of the journal is sent out within 15 days after the final date of accepting materials. The printed version is sent out within 30 days from the moment the electronic version is distributed.

Issue of the journal

Deadline for accepting materials


15 September


15 December


15 March


15 June

The main headings of the journal are:

Pedagogical sciences

Philosophical sciences

Historical sciences and archeology

How to publish an article

1. Submit an article and information about the author. Articles are accepted only by e-mail.

2. For publication of journal materials it is necessary to submit the following to the editorial office of the journal

- the text of an article (Appendix 1);

- an application form for publication of an article and information about the authors (Appendix 2).

In the case of co-authorship each author fills out an application separately!

Attention! Calculation of cost of publication and payment are carried out only after accepting materials by editorial board.

Prices for services for publishing articles and delivering copies of the journal:

Publication of 1 page of text (1 page = about 1800 signs without spaces. How to find out the approximate amount of an article in pages? In MSWord 2003 editor, select "Tools" => "Statistics", in Word 2007 or 2010 "Reviewing" tab => "Statistics" button. The number of signs without spaces is divided by 1800 and we get the number of pages, when counting, the number of pages is rounded off to an integer, and makes 100 rubles

Rules for writing an article

Volume up to 10 pages (font Times New Roman Cyr, 14 size, 1.5 spacing). The width of all fields is 20 mm. Align text – width. Hyphenation automatic. The file must be provided with the *doc extension.

1) Specialty code is in accordance with the nomenclature of HAC (

2) UDC (Universal Decimal Classification). UDC is drawn up in accordance with the information-reference system .

3) The title of an article is in Russian.

4) Surnames and initials of the author (s) are in Russian.

5) Keywords with a maximum of 7-10 words.

6) Abstract is in Russian. Abstract should be informative, original, structured, compact (volume from 100 to 250 words).

7) Paragraphs 3-6 are in English.

(Please note that program translation does not always translate separate sentences correctly, so the editorial board strongly recommends contacting a specialist).

8) The text of an article should not be less than 8 pages excluding references.

9) List of references is in Russian, issued in accordance with the State Standard GOST 7.1-2003, and in English, issued in accordance with the rules below (including at least 2 sources in a foreign language).

Bibliographical references to the list of references should be made in the text in square brackets: the numerical sequence number and via comma the numbers of corresponding pages. For example: [1, p. 15].

The reference list should be issued in accordance with the State Standard GOST 7.1-2003 with indication of the required information of the bibliographic description.

The reference list is in the Latin alphabet, entitled as REFERENCES, is compiled in an order completely identical to the Russian-language version with a similar numbering. References are placed after the list of literature in Cyrillic.

References should be issued in accordance with the following rules:

1. The authors (transliteration), the title of the article in transliterated version [translation of the title of the article into English in square brackets], the name of the Russian-language source (transliteration) [translation of the name of the source into English – paraphrase (for journals not necessary)], the output with notation in English.

2. It is forbidden to use the signs "//" and "-" to separate the structural elements of the bibliographic description.


1. Zagurenko A.G., Korotovskikh V.A., Kolesnikov A.A., Timonov A.V., Kardymon D.V. Tekhniko-ekonomicheskaya optimizatsiya dizaina gidrorazryva plasta [Techno-economic optimization of the design of hydraulic fracturing]. Neftyanoe khozyaistvo = Oil Industry, 2008, no. 11, pp. 54-57. (In Russian).

2. Lindorf L.S., Mamikoniants L.G., eds. Ekspluatatsiia turbogeneratorov s neposredstvennym okhlazhdeniem [Operation of turbine generators with direct cooling]. Moscow, Energiia Publ., 1972.352 p.

Transliteration rules

For transliteration from the Cyrillic alphabet into the Latin alphabet it is advisable to use automatic transliteration and translation systems. It is recommended to use the system at

10) Information about authors is filled in Russian and English in accordance with Appendix 2